12. July 2017 Alinuur Bille Hassan

4th semester, Done!

At the beginning of the second year we were promised by the seniors that this year was supposedly the ‘easiest’ year in medical school...at least at our faculty. I have to admit, it did not feel that way at all but then again that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. This year made me connect the dots between different subjects and correlation between them. I guess that is why we have prerequisite and corequisite for different subjects.

The two subjects I enjoyed the most were Biochemistry and Physiology. Here is why. These two subjects offered more than just theory. I was able to put my theoretical knowledge not only to clinical relation but also research wise. I had 10 laboratory work during the course of this year analysing different kinds of syndromes and cancer diagnostics. These practicals were overseen by research experts based in Motol Hospital. Furthermore,the  hospital visits, which was obligatory for nursing course, painted a picture of how fundamental the laboratory knowledge is. In addition, we had separate clinical lectures and practicals from Sports Physiology and Palliative care. These lectures and practicals concerned primarily with how pain works and modern approach on how to minimize it, especially in chronic pain.

I’m looking forward to the summer, in that, I will be undertaking my first summer internship as part of the curriculum. I will have the opportunity to visit different departments namely department of Internal Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Department of Neurology, Pneumological department, Surgical department, Orthopedics department. I’ve been to some to these departments before but it was just for a few hours however during the summer internship I will be able to cover shifts and shadow doctors.

In conclusion, I’d say I enjoyed this year than the previous one and this is due to the fact that I know what is expected of me and I’m learning how to deal with stress especially during the examination periods which is by par the worst part of the year.


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