Petr Bulka

* 1989


Open Gate Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2009


University of Birmingham, UK, started in 2009

Favourite subjects

Geography, social sciences, history, foreign languages


For the time being, completing university studies...

Interests and hobbies

Sports (tennis, floorball, swimming), theater, music

Student resume

I grew up in Klatovy, a small town in western Bohemia. After four years at the Klatovy 8-year high school, in 2005 I enrolled at the OPEN GATE Boarding School. I liked studying foreign languages even then, and the newly opened OPEN GATE was attractive for me at very first sight. After four years at the school, I left not only with a graduation certificate but also with a new independence, a wide range of general knowledge, and, not least, many fond memories.

Since September 2009, I have been enrolled at University of Birmingham, UK, in the international studies and economics courses. I definitely regard acceptance to this university as my greatest achievement in life so far. I owe this achievement to OPEN GATE, which strongly supported me during the challenging acceptance procedure, and, above all, The Kellner Family Foundation, which granted the required (and, it has to be noted, quite considerable amounts of) funds for my studies. In my blog you can read about how I am doing, not only school-wise, and also my observations of the everyday life on campus and in the U.K.

Petr Bulka
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