Pavel Kohout

* 1993


Capt. Jaroš Elementary School (1999-2004)


Třebíč High School (2004-2010)
New Hall School (2010-2012)


University of Cambridge, Jesus College, Engineering, UK (since 2012)


Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Critical Thinking


My present goal is to find an area of engineering that I will love best and specialize in. After school, I’d like to collaborate on breakthrough projects such as ITER.

Interests and hobbies

Engineering, dancing, catapults, guitar

Student resume

When in the sixth year of an eight-year secondary school, I decided to vie for the HMC Scholarship that would enable me to study at a prestigious UK school for one year. I succeeded in the admissions procedure, so I spent the next academic year at the New Hall School. The school was so generous as to prolong my grant for the subsequent academic year. In that final year, which is equivalent to the fourth secondary school year in our country, I filed applications with the UK’s best universities. Eventually, I was admitted to an Engineering programme at the University of Cambridge.

Pavel Kohout

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23. January 2017

FAQs - Engineering at Cambridge

1. What is the admission process?

1. July 2016

Where Dancing Meets Engineering

I have been a member of XS(1) Latin Cambridge. It is a Latin...

3. March 2016

Family Matters

Studying abroad means that you don't get to see your family very much. But it really depends...

2. November 2015

My Last Project

I have just started my fourth year. I am struggling to believe, that I am in the fourth year...

16. June 2015

My bike getting stolen

It seems to me that many non-humanities students do not care much about the laws and regulations...

25. February 2015


It is 11pm on Saturday 14th February and I am sitting on a coach going from Farnborough to...

21. October 2014

My First Day at Work

I got up at 6.45 am and started filling in three forms, which were supposed to be handed in...

24. June 2014

Full time CUER

I have been wondering what my next blog should be about. Given that I have been writing about...

20. March 2014

Integrated Design Project

Every student who comes to study Engineering at Cambridge has heard about Integrated Design...

18. December 2013

Oxbridge Interviews

December is the time of interviews. After Michaels term finishes, Cambridge students become...

24. June 2013

First Year Evaluation

I struggle to believe that the academic year has finished already. We have had only 20 weeks...

5. March 2013


The abbreviation CUER stands for “Cambridge University Eco Racing”. This student-run society...

19. November 2012

Came Fresh

In this short account, I would like to describe several aspect of Cambridge University, which...

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