Our graduates| Nina Fuchsová

Nina Fuchsová

* 1995


OPEN GATE Grammar School, graduated in 2015


Anglo-American University in Prague program International Relations, started in September 2015



Favourite subjects

Geography, English and French language, Nations and Nationalism, History of the Cold War, Political Geography


I would like to complete the Bachelor’s degree here in the Czech Republic and then continue the Master’s degree abroad. I haven’t made myself clear about my future profession. Nevertheless, the only thing I can say with absolute accuracy is that I want to help others. The reason for that is as on daily basis I am outraged by seeing the world where I live as where money is preferred over humanity. For now, I feel like my heart is directing me to work in an NGO. However, I cannot be sure where at the end I will be guided to. Therefore, my life goal is to live a life on which I can look back to and say that I’ve lived it meaningfully, not only for my personal benefit or for my relatives, but also for those (regardless men, environment or animals) whose human rights were violated; environment endangered; and the animals whose freedom and lives are abused.

Interests and hobbies

Travelling and getting to know other cultures, expanding the knowledge in the field of International Relations, meeting with my friends, sports, design and many more…

Student resume

Thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation I successfully graduated from the prestigious grammar school OPEN GATE. During my studies there I got to know new cultures thanks to the student exchange trips. The best experience I had, during my high school studies, was an exchange program to India, where we volunteered in villages. I repeatedly took part in the Prague Students Summit, which aroused my passion for my future studies.

Since September 2015 I’ve been studying International Relations at the Anglo-American University in Prague. This is only possible thanks to the Kellner Family Foundation. Therefore, I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the extraordinary education that the Foundation helped me to receive.  It made me an open-minded student with the abilities of critical thinking, selflessness and self-reflection, because of finding it meaningful and useful.

Nina Fuchsová
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