Our graduates| Michal Vinárek

Michal Vinárek

* 1995


Open Gate grammar school, graduated in 2014


University of Glasgow, UK, majoring in Computing Science, since 2014



Favourite subjects

Physics, Chemistry, Economics


Graduate, and then land a good IT job. But you never know where the whirl of events will take you...

Interests and hobbies

Programming, reading, friends, piano playing, biking, travelling

Student resume

In 2006, I arrived at the Open Gate grammar school, which changed my life completely for the eight years that followed. My experience has risen to new levels of quality in many respects, including, for example, the motivation to continue learning, and the ability to present myself effectively, find my way around in specialized environments, and engage in conversations at a professional level. The Kellner Family Foundation supported me throughout my time at the school, thereby enabling me to gain a Czech school leaving examination diploma and also an International Baccalaureate diploma. Open Gate and the Foundation have therefore opened the gate to the whole world for me and prepared me more than well for the experience in store for me outside my country.
At Open Gate School, I found my greatest interest: programming. This experience culminated in an opportunity to program a software application specifically for the school. I thus gained valuable experience and great motivation to continue my education in this field. My expectations of the University of Glasgow include expanding my knowledge and credentials, and also to garner many new experiences with new people, in a new environment, and in a different culture. And this is what studies abroad should be about: gain first-hand experience with a different culture, and hence be of greater benefit to the world of the future.

Michal Vinárek

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