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3. July 2017 Martin Sova

End of a successful year and summer plans

From my impression, a student usually anticipates exam results with one of two feelings: anxiety or excitement. Most often it’s a mixture of both, but if you feel confident your anticipation is more likely to resemble the feeling of excitement. To tell the truth, university can make even a hard worker doubt their end of year results. That is why there is no better feeling than to start the summer with finding out that you have successfully finished the university year, and that you can finally place most of your focus on activities for which you didn't have much time for during the academic year.

I have promised myself this summer to primarily focus on building a professional foundation that will look valuable after I graduate from university, but to balance this aspiration with spending time with family and going travelling. I want to invest my time during the summer into leisure and work equally, because I have a drive to continue learning and to gain experience (which will help invaluably during my last year at university), but I also don’t want to regret not participating in summer activities that I dream of throughout the cruel English winter.

To satisfy the summer goals I had set for myself, I have applied to several Software Engineering internships, of which most are based in Prague. I made the decision to search for work in Prague because there are continually more respectable IT companies in Prague that look for students just like me, and because I get an insight into the IT work environment in Czech Republic. Moreover, I get to spend time with my family before I have to go to the UK again. So far I had gotten positive responses from most IT companies in Prague (of which some are Czech and some are American), but I want to consider the prestige of the company as much as the impression when I go for an interview when deciding which company I want to work for. In regards to my second goal for the summer, which is to partake in activities that I crave all year long, I will spend considerable time visiting close family and friends whenever I get the chance to. With a combination of two simple ingredients – leaisure and continued learning – I hope too make the most of this summer, and prepare myself to have yet another successful year at university.


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