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29. July 2018 Martin Sova

A successful end to the university experience

Three years have passed since I first accepted the offer to study Computer Science at the University of Exeter. I believe that every student experiences some difficult times at university, but that is just part of the experience. Fortunately for me, the good experiences outweighed the challenges, and I am confident when I say that I am entirely satisfied with my decision to pack my bags three years ago and to move to a country located across the English channel in order to pursue my academic ambitions.

In June, I spent some time with my university friends and took time off merely to enjoy the success of my final exams. Although 3 years went by in a blink of an eye, it is still a somewhat surreal experience to me that I have indeed succeeded in obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science at one of England’s most prestigious universities.

After a heartfelt goodbye with my closest friends that I have made over the years, I moved back to Prague to reunite with my family. At first, I did not let the pressure of finding a job stress me out, believing that the right decision regarding my career path will come to me naturally. Eventually, it became evident to me that I want to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, given that it is currently a very exciting and growing industry. Therefore, I am currently searching for positions - internships or full-time jobs - that will enable me to achieve a successful career in this field.

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