Martin Sova

* 1996


International School of Prague, graduated in 2015


University of Exeter, U.K., Computer Science with Industrial Placement, a four-year program, beginning 2016


Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science


I am currently looking forward to a successful student career at the University of Exeter. In 2017/2018 I will apply for a selective software engineering internship. I expect the internship to be pivotal in that it will let me gain professional experience and help me in my pursuit of becoming a software engineer after graduation. Once I have obtained my BSc degree, I am considering getting an MSc Computer Science degree with a focus on software engineering. In the future, I also want to take up research into artificial intelligence, as this is one of the most rapidly developing fields of IT today.

Interests and hobbies

In my spare time I like playing the drums, playing football, and travelling.

Student resume

I am a second year student in Computer Science with Industrial Placement, a bachelor program at the University of Exeter. My favorite high school subjects were Mathematics and Physics. As I familiarized myself with solving algorithmic problems using the Python language, I fell bit by bit in love computer science. I was charmed by the ability to translate specific mathematic notions into the Python while thinking about quantities and relations in mathematics in an abstract manner.

The skills I obtained in mathematics and physics courses have thus been transferrable into my new field of computer science. This has helped me quickly to grasp the logical substance of programming. It was math in particular that gave me a comprehensive view of programming, which has helped me in several areas such as the application of modular arithmetic and probabilistic thinking.

Martin Sova
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