Our graduates| Martin Ciklamini

Martin Ciklamini

* 1989


OPEN GATE Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2009


London Metropolitan University, UK, started in 2009

Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science


Be happy in life.

Interests and hobbies

Geocaching, working out, running, swimming, programming

Student resume

Although most people around me regard me as an “IT guy”, I like leading others and working on various projects. Supported by the Educa Foundation, I studied at the OPEN GATE Boarding School in Babice, and passed the graduation examination cum laude. Thanks to the excellent instruction in languages at this school, it was no problem for me to pass international examinations such as DELE, CAE and IEL TS and be accepted to several U.K. universities, of which in the end I selected London Metropolitan University, Management.

In the future, I would like to be a coach or work in some other executive position in which I would work with people directly. The Kellner family Foundation has provided me with financial aid not only to cover OPEN GATE tuition but also to pay for the international language examinations, for which I am grateful.

Martin Ciklamini
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