Our graduates| Martin Bucháček

Martin Bucháček

* 1992


Luděk Pik Secondary School, Opavská 21, Plzeň, Czech Republic, graduated in 2011


University of Cambridge, UK



Favourite subjects

Secondary school: Mathematics and Physics; first year of the university: Dynamics and Relativity and Groups


Successfully complete my undergraduate university studies, obtain a Ph.D. and focus on theoretical physics

Interests and hobbies

Travelling, reading, studying Spanish, cooking

Student resume

I was born in Plzen where I spent most of my life. I have always focused my interest on subjects based on logical thinking, especially mathematics, physics and chemistry. After several years spent at the secondary school I decided to study the first two subjects at the university.

Success of its graduates in natural sciences and the unique atmosphere of the university town were two main factors that persuaded me that the University of Cambridge would be the best place for my studies. British university system is very friendly to international students and I could apply without any difficulties even though I have never studied in UK.

In August 2011, my great dream became real. I was informed that I had been admitted to study mathematics and physics at the University of Cambridge. My first year spent here was sometimes quite demanding, yet very interesting and now, I can definitely say that I made a right choice. Therefore I would like to appreciate The Kellner Family Foundation for their generous support of my further years of the university studies.

Martin Bucháček
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