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Marek Svoboda

* 1990


Open Gate Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2010


Columbia College, Columbia University, New York City, USA, started in 2010



Favourite subjects

Mathematics, psychology, philosophy


Preparation for psychiatry studies

Interests and hobbies

Debating, tennis, playing drums

Student resume

I come from Slušovice, where I also went to the local elementary school for the first two years, before going to a language-focused school in Zlín. From there, I progressed to Zlín Lesní Čtvrť High School, and then in 2005 to the Open Gate eight-year grammar school.

During my studies, I focused on mathematics and biology. I was also active in debating, successfully representing Open Gate on both the domestic and international levels.

As part of the American university admission process, I took a three-week preparatory course for studies at universities in the U.S. at New York’s Columbia University, which undoubtedly helped my admission to that prestigious school afterwards. This is also where I have studied since 2010, thanks to the generous support of The Kellner Family Foundation, preparing for the medical field of psychiatry.

Marek Svoboda

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