Josef Hazi

* 1992


Cheb Grammar School, general program, graduated in 2011


University of Oxford, UK, started 2011 | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Favourite subjects

Mathematics, physics, chemistry


Academic: complete Bachelor’s and, possibly Master’s program in Materials Science, or in combination with Economics and Management, and focus on the development and production of new materials.

Interests and hobbies

Self-education in all fields possible, friends, social dynamics, volleyball, fitness, music

Student resume

I come from Cheb, a small town in the west of Bohemia, and I obtained my secondary education at the local state grammar school. My involvement in mathematics and physics competitions led me to participate in the International Young Physicists Tournament in Tianjin in 2009. After the competition, the captain of the Slovak team and I went to a small pub in Beijing. The local patrons stared at us almost impertinently and could not believe their eyes, with Europeans sitting in their pub. For me, it was unbelievable listening to my Slovak friend telling me how he would study at Oxford University next year. Until then, I would have thought that something like that was just unreal for regular Slovaks or Czechs. That evening changed my life. Inspired by my Slovak colleague, I decided to vie for my spot at Oxford University.

From then on, I had a new focus that changed many areas of my life. I improved my language skills by several levels in six months and obtained a certificate in English, thus meeting one of the major Oxford requirements. I focused my attention on applying via the UCAS system. My

Personal Statement was not just a “motivation letter” to me – it was my ticket to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The best grades in the graduation exam (yes, the standard Czech “maturita”), participation in research into nanocrystallic diamond layers at the Prague Institute of Physics, and preparation for the interview – I did it all to make my “China” dream a reality. I offset my academic load by playing in the junior volleyball league.

My goal entailed some sacrifice as well as much excitement; the academic interviews at Oxford were a huge life experience for me. A letter delivered just days before Christmas Eve, which confirmed my admission to the university of my dreams, was one of the best Christmas gifts in my life. But I had to fight on, as studies abroad are financially very demanding. This is why the grant from The Kellner Family Foundation means a lot to me. At this point, all I am fighting is “only” forms that I need to complete to study…

Josef Hazi

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