2. July 2014 Jonáš Jelínek

Entry to Honours

Time flies, and it has somehow happened that the first two years of my four-year long course have passed. In St Andrews, this milestone matters a lot for it marks the beginning of “Honours” when one, after two years of experimenting, immerses entirely into the subject(s) he or she wants to major in.

Unlike during the first two years when students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities to fill in their free time, academics take precedence and there is barely any time left in Honours.

My Honours will be marked with Arabic and International Relations, the subjects I have decided to major in. Although I took several courses in Economics in my first two years, I was disappointed by the overall quality of the course and opted for Arabic instead. In International Relations, there is only one class per semester in Honours (two in Single Honours compared to one in Joint Honours). Finally, after two years of compulsory modules, I am allowed to select courses to my liking. Despite initial disappointment at the relatively poor number of choices, I settled for Peace and Humanitarian Intervention and Politics of Africa. The choice for Arabic is even more limited, with only Arabic Short Stories, Media Arabic and Classical Texts available.

I have summer holidays to rest before entering Honours. I planned to spend most of my summer abroad, yet, due to some unexpected developments, I have to stay in Prague for the majority of summer. Thanks to the The Kellner Family Foundation, I obtained a very interesting internship in the Strategy and Business Development department in Sotio, a PPF Group company that develops an active cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. I will also spend a month working as an intern for a London-based political risk consultancy.

So next time you hear from me, I will be an Honours student in St Andrews…

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