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Jolana Venenyová

* 1991


Open Gate Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2010


University of Oxford, UK, started in 2014



Favourite subjects

Political science, history, sociology, Spanish


Complete my studies

Interests and hobbies

History, tennis, music, Spanish

Student resume

Having spent three years doing little more than memorizing stuff at a standard eight-year secondary school, I welcomed the switch to the OPEN GATE eight-year grammar school in 2005 with enthusiasm. In my five years at OPEN GATE, they taught me a lot as well as giving me an opportunity to study abroad. This was possible primarily thanks to the fact that lessons are in English there, and also to the teachers’ academic and personal qualities.

I also extend my thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation, which supported me financially all the time while at OPEN GATE and has continued supporting me while I study my dream program at a university abroad. I am more than grateful for the support, because I know that, without the Educa Foundation’s help, studies at University of Dundee in Scotland would be just another unfulfilled dream.

Jolana Venenyová

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