Our graduates| Jennifer Za Nzambi

Jennifer Za Nzambi

* 1995


Gymnázium Josefa Ressela, Chrudim 2010-2012; The English College in Prague 2012-2014


The University of Edinburgh, UK, started in 2014



Favourite subjects

mathematics, ekonomics, biology, literature


I do not like to set any certain goals in life, as they are often limiting and seldomly true to one’s original imagination. I do hope, however, that I will be able to learn as much as possible during my university years and that I will be confronted with many challenges and opportunities both in my academic and personal life.

Interests and hobbies

Spending time with family, literature, recreational mathematics, athletics, playing the violin and theatre.

Student resume

I come from a small town in East Bohemia called Chrudim, where I have spent majority of my life except a three-year break I spent in Angola. There I was introduced to a new culture, new ethnicities and issues which differ by a large margins from our Czech ones. My illuminating visit sparked an interest for current issues in me. Issues such as outdated infrastructure, intransparency of local governments and limited human rights are relevant particularly in Africa, yet they influence the rest of the world as well.

I consider myself as a student who enjoys learning both in the field of natural and social sciences. I have a keen interest for algorithms used while applying mathematics to evolutionary biology, but also for the role of women in developing countries. I hope that my study will enlighten the inner mechanisms of our society for me, will help me in forming my view on the way we should approach and tackle current global issues and will enable me to broaden my horizonts and develop as a person as much as possible.

Jennifer Za Nzambi

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