Our graduates| Jakub Vošmera

Jakub Vošmera

* 1993


Matthias Lerch Grammar School, eight-year programme, graduated in 2012
University of Cambridge, Mathematical Tripos, a four-year program, since 2012

Favourite subjects

Theoretical physics (general relativity, high energy physics) and its mathematical tools (differential geometry and Lie groups in particular).


Ph.D. in theoretical physics, work in research and physics outreach

Interests and hobbies

piano, hiking, amateur astronomy

Student resume

I am a fourth year undergraduate student of theoretical physics within Part III Mathematics at the University of Cambridge with a prospect of pursuing a research career in theoretical high energy physics. I enjoy every aspect of life as a physicist, be it a naive chit-chat about the latest discoveries in CERN or participating in a research project. I also help to organize various events for secondary school students in Czech Republic, such as Astronomy Olympiad, FYKOS and Online Physics Brawl.

Jakub Vošmera
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