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8. March 2013 Jakub Váchal

The time is running out

I barely had a chance to settle in and the first semester of my final year is gone. With hardly any free time it was almost impossible to get bored and days and months flew by as if they didn’t want me to fully enjoy this last year in Newcastle.

My study group has exactly one week to hand in the marketing consultancy project and I have to say that things are getting real now. With data from four focus groups, over 200 questionnaires, many in-depth interviews with businesses from around Newcastle and endless amount of secondary research we have a thorough understanding of the ice-cream market and are finally able to design an effective campaign to help our client succeed and gain competitive advantage. I don’t regret choosing this project over dissertation at all. Even though we hit a rough patch a few times, we are now in a stage where everyone is really keen on doing well in this module and we all put a lot of effort in. I think the only time I spend at home is when I sleep, other than that I keep running back and forth between the library, lectures and tennis courts and I am quite enjoying it (apart from the occasional sleep deprivation and bad diet).

What slightly worried me was when I received a schedule of congregation ceremonies today. My date is 17th of July, I am going to graduate (hopefully) and one major stage of my life will be over. Until now I realised that I will have to graduate eventually, but having a date in front of me is a whole lot different. There’s not much I can do about it though, so I guess I’ll just take it as another motivation to enjoy every day at Newcastle University to its fullest!

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