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5. October 2009 Jakub Váchal

The end of my never-ending holidays

It originally felt like holidays that would never end. On the 20th of May I celebrated my graduation from secondary-school studies, and further celebrations did not take too long to come. I succeeded in passing language exams required by the Newcastle University for admission, my friends were also admitted to universities, and my sister was admitted to a secondary school. I often did not know what day it was – there were holidays and I did not care much about anything else.

I suddenly had as much time for my friends as I did throughout the four years spent at OPEN GATE put together. I was enjoying myself, I was working to be able to enjoy myself, and then I was enjoying myself a little more. But then, is it September? The holidays that looked like they were never going to finish quickly turned, as if with a stroke of a magic wand, into a hasty time of arranging the last little details connected with my departure, but also into a time of fear that I would not be able to say good-bye to all people I would like to.

And so my journey into another stage of my life will start in about two weeks at the Prague Ruzyně airport. It will, undoubtedly, be challenging just like four years ago when I had to leave my family and closest friends every Sunday only because of my ambitions and dreams. At the same time, though, it will be fun, enriching, and, in general, fulfilling. My ambitions and dreams will, once again, be closer to being fulfilled, and I might then be able to leave flying around the world to the younger ones and to enjoy the warmth of home in well-deserved peace.

Jakub Váchal, a student at Newcastle University (Management and Marketing)
The Educa Foundation supports Jakub Váchal in his studies at OPEN GATE and Newcastle University.

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