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19. November 2012 Jakub Váchal

The best year begins

As I mentioned in one of my previous entries, despite my internship being very interesting and enriching, last few months of it made me think that I am more and more looking forward to being back at university. Now, after being back for a month I definitely think that the last year of my undergraduate studies will be the best. Starting with the academic side through the sport one and finally the social one, study life at university has many advantages over having a job.

Regarding the studies themself, the modules I’ve got this year truly are a culmination of my university efforts. They are even more aimed at practical aspects of marketing and seek to equip the students with as many experiences employable in their future careers as possible. This approach suits me the best and that is also why I chose to do a marketing project instead of a more theoretical-based dissertation. This group project involves designing a marketing research, its execution and evaluation and utilising its findings in preparing a marketing plan for a real client from Newcastle. Our group was very lucky when it came to assigning the clients and our work is made much easier thanks to working on a very interesting product – ice-cream. The client is a family company which processes the ice-cream from production to distribution (own farm with cattle, ice-cream made on the premises of the parlour at which it is also sold) and is renowned around Newcastle for its premium quality. Our task is to get this quality product more customer awareness and find out how far people are willing to travel for ice-cream which should indicate the required expenditures on advertising. Even though the completion of this project will take a lot of effort and although we are pretty much at its beginning we already have to meet with the group every other day, I think that its benefits for my future career will be higher than those of any other of my modules.

Another advantage of returning to university is the chance to become a member of its tennis team once again and be able to play the sport on competitive level. I didn’t have many chances to play during my internship so I’m trying to make it to every match, although it is much harder than it was in the previous years with the increased academic requirements. Moreover, this year we definitely have the best players since I joined, so I’m hoping to conclude my participation with winning the whole university league.

Last but not least, I am very happy to reunite with all my housemates from the second year again. Most of them spent a year in the industry or studying abroad so we can all finish our studies in Newcastle together now. I’ve got a hard year ahead of me, possibly the most demanding out of all, but I can imagine that it will also be the most entertaining and, quite simply, the best.

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