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1. July 2013 Jakub Váchal

Last weeks in Newcastle

The final year results were made available last midnight and I had the chance to see how well I did. I started getting messages from my course mates telling me about their results and rushing me to look at mine.

I wasn’t really in a hurry though, because I saw the final results as the very end of my university studies and even though I was curious, I was trying to put off looking at them. On one hand I was very happy that I probably managed to successfully finish everything, on the other I was slightly hoping that I might have failed one of my modules and will have to stay at university for one more year.

I didn’t delay looking at the results for too long though and I soon found out that I finished the Marketing and Management course at Newcastle University with a First Class Degree. Surprise, relief and maybe realisation, that getting the highest possible result was my goal from the very start, so rather than congratulating myself I thought that I have done how I expected I would. I definitely think that this is a success, however I realise that the grade on my degree is not everything and even though it may open a few doors for me, without the abilities and skills to back it up, I won’t make it too far.

Last but not least, I need to confirm that the last year was definitely the best one, both in academic and other terms. I finally had the chance to employ all the knowledge I learnt in real marketing situations and improve in the skills that will be necessary for my career. It only remains for me to decide what exactly I want to do, what industry I want to go to and what country I want to move to. After thinking about this for long enough, I decided that I don’t want to just jump into a job that I would not enjoy and instead want to travel for a few months, broaden my horizons and figure out in which direction I want to start building my career.

In conclusion, I would like to thank The Kellner Family Foundation again for the extrordinary experience, which I wouldn’t be allowed to get if it wasn’t for the help of the foundation and wish good luck in future studies of all the students it supports.

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