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25. February 2015 Jakub Váchal

„Last semester of study – the end of student life?!“

The Christmas holidays are already over and there is again the examination period.

This time is a little harder, because at the school decided that our state final examination decomposed into 2 parts. Part 1 exam in microeconomics and macroeconomics takes place in January / February 2015. The second part of the examination of specialized subjects, to will také place in June 2015.

Regarding the current exam period is a period of stress for me and I try to get everything done as soon as possible. That´s what i did - everything, including the theoretical part I managed to 2nd exam week. In the next two weeks waiting for me State Exam in economics , which I really carefully prepared, and finally everything went well and I am "half-engineer".

I have not even started suddenly and summer semester started- probably my last semester. I feel a sudden slightly nostalgic mood that had the "beautiful" student life really ends. I don´t know exactly, what I want to do after school - go to England, start right after school to work in the Czech Republic? I would hate to be buried in a firm in the Czech Republic and closed the door to work in EU countries. Therefore I try to improve my English, I stood the test in today's competitive job market. If today is not one known, it is really necessary to be able and have some added value compared to others. And enough about to work.  My most important task is now to write the practical part of the thesis, which means counting, counting and counting.

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25. February 2015

„Last semester of study – the end of student...

The Christmas holidays are already over and there is again the...

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