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10. February 2010 Jakub Váchal

End of the first term

Well, it’s over now. The first exam period of my university studies ended when I put my pen down on the desk when I finished the accounting exam. I don’t yet know whether or not I was successful, but I dare say that I should pass.

It was a long month full of long days and nights spent reading books, notes, and presentations. Yet what I would not have expected from myself even in my brightest reveries was that I actually enjoyed all the studying and preparations. Of course, I’m a young man like any other, so the first time I had to open my books it was pure torture. I think that a regular student can come up with thousands of better things to do at a moment like that.After this first shock, though, I started to delve into the principles and secrets of marketing and accounting, and in fact took to them! Before I could relax for some time my second term lectures started, and I’m once again stuck under tons and tons of new information and findings. And I must admit that I can’t wait to use these in practice as soon as possible. But I’ll have to wait for that, and so I have no other choice than to dive into my books and ensure that I’m well prepared when that moment comes.

A few times a week I’m saved from studying by my other hobby, and you could perhaps even say my first big achievement at Newcastle University. Since October of last year I have been representing my university as a member of its #1 tennis team in BUCS, the prestigious league of sports teams from UK universities. I have training sessions several times a week and I spend every Wednesday travelling around towns and cities in North England attending various matches. So far, our team has been doing very well, and we share first place in the rankings with Sheffield university. It will still be a tough fight, but our motivation is strong, and so I hope that in the end it will be Newcastle University receiving cheers. Wish me luck.

Jakub Váchal, a student at Newcastle University (Management and Marketing)
The Educa Foundation supports Jakub Váchal in his studies at OPEN GATE and Newcastle University.

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