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12. November 2010 Jakub Váchal

Beginning of the second year

I was more than happy to come back to Newcastle this September to begin my second year at the university. I managed to finish last year with a great average of 80 % and I was given a price for the best stage 1 student on my course.

This award motivated me a lot and I could not wait to attend those interesting lectures and read all the publications and journals linked to my course. Moreover, I was not coming back to cold and prison-like halls but to a beautiful house in the suburbs of Newcastle.

I live with five of my friends and life outside university gained a completely new dimension thanks to that. We spend most of our time in the living room, we cook dinners for each other from time to time or we clean up together. Living in one house with my friends has always been my dream and so far it is even more fun than I would expect. Of course we have arguments about the level of heating or the mess in the kitchen sometimes, but nothing really serious. Anyway, we chose ourselves to be roommates so we are trying to live in peace.

Besides going to university, I spend most of my time looking for a placement for my next year. I will spend the whole third year working for a company, doing real projects and being a part of their marketing team. In case everything goes well of course. I am now choosing the potential employers and in the next few weeks I will be sending out my CVs and covering letters. The process of getting an offer is a long one and consists of many parts that the successful applicant must pass. I will work hard and hope for the bit of luck, that most of the times makes the difference between getting the offer and not getting it.

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