Jakub Musil

* 1993


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2013


The University of Edinburgh, UK, a four-year M.A. program in Celtic & Linguistics; since 2013

Favourite subjects

Czech language, English language, visual arts, and biology


I would like to attain a doctorate in my field of study, and then take root in the academic world. I am attracted by educational activities in languages and culture. I also plan to continue in my creative activities.

Interests and hobbies

I spend my leisure time working on my own visual and poetic projects, watching both the latest and the vintage works of art cinema (primarily at the Summer Film School), and creating my own speech. I am an ardent fan of British experimental and mainstream comedies.

Student resume

I come from the town of Uherský Brod (Moravia), and perhaps owe my avid interest in minority cultures and languages to my Moravian origins.

At the end of my fifth year at the Mariánské náměstí Elementary School in Uherský Brod, I was fortunate enough, and this still brings me joy, to pass the admission test for what then was a new privately-owned Open Gate high school. I then spent eight splendid years learning and developing my skills there thanks to the generous sponsorship granted to me by The Kellner Family Foundation. I discovered my passion for visual arts, and continue to pursue them actively, primarily video art. But it soon dawned on me that studies at an art school did not attract me, and at last realized that my real mission was philology.

Linguistics in general has always been close to my heart and brain. However, my decision to read linguistics together with Celtic studies as part of a two-subject program was motivated by my longing to gain knowledge of this remarkable language group, which is now associated with a desire for political recognition and emancipation in the current European environment. The University of Edinburgh was the clear choice for me: it combined the quality of British education in humanities, the (well deserved) status of a respected institution, and a geographical situation that is evidently beneficial for me in terms of the subject of my studies and, in addition, breathtakingly beautiful.

Jakub Musil

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