Our graduates| Jakub Čaloun

Jakub Čaloun

* 1994


8 years at Johannes Kepler Grammar School, graduated in 2013


University of Durham, UK, started in 2014



Favourite subjects

applied philosophy, monetary economics and public finance, history, literature


To obtain high quality education in subjects I personally pursue and then contribute to the society through my work in this fields, preferably at home in Czech Republic.

Interests and hobbies

piano, squash, badminton, croquet, literature, travelling, politics, public affairs

Student resume

I come from small village in south Bohemia, but I moved to Prague before I started attending elementary school. From my studies in Prague, most significant were my 8 years at Johannes Kepler Grammar School, where I could thanks to school's wide range of optional subjects very soon start to specialize. Key experience for my further studies was scholarship at Winchester College, which I received in my sixth year.  At this very reputable institution I have decided that I want to study in Britain and that I want to read PPE, distinctly British course.

After successfully passing Maturita (leaving exam) I have enrolled University of Durham, starting in school year 2013/2014. After first year there I am more than satisfied with this university, situated in lovely old student town in North England. First year also made me aware of how difficult studying there is, also from financial point of view. But thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation, I can now start my second year less worried and I can focus on my academic pursuits more.

Jakub Čaloun
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