Our graduates| Hana Abbasová

Hana Abbasová

* 1991


Business Academy in Mladá Boleslav, graduated in 2010


The University of Finance and Administration in Prague, majoring in Business Management and Corporate Finance, started in 2010



Favourite subjects

Customer relationship management, accounting, economics


Achieve at least a Master’s degree; find a job that I like; and, one day, have my own apartment or house and live a good family life.

Interests and hobbies

Biking, cooking, friends, traveling, and music

Student resume

In Mladá Boleslav, I graduated from the Business Academy, majoring in Economic Lyceum. I have decided to continue my education at The University of Finance and Administration in Prague, where the clear-cut choice for me was the subject of Business Management and Corporate Finance, in which I will certainly be able to apply my knowledge from high school very well; I dare say that it is actually happening now.

Studying at this school is great fun for me; I meet people with work experience, who are able to impart their knowledge in an understandable way using real-life examples. Having passed the Bachelor’s exams, I decided to continue in a Master’s program. On the basis of my decision, I applied for scholarship to The Kellner Family Foundation, which has made it possible for me to pursue higher goals; I would like to sincerely thank the foundation for this.

Hana Abbasová
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