Our graduates| Eva Robert (Musilová)

Eva Robert (Musilová)

* 1993


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2012


3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, General Medicine, Czech Republic, started in 2012



Favourite subjects

Biology, Chemistry


Complete the General Medicine program successfully and become a physician. Obtain international experience in the field in order to enrich the Czech healthcare system.

Interests and hobbies

Sports, family, health, reading

Student resume

I come from the small town of Přibyslav in the Vysočina Region where I went to elementary school for five years. Then I proceeded to the eight-year grammar school in Havlíčkův Brod. I spent the last two years of secondary school at the unique Open Gate boarding school. The main reason why I decided to switch schools was that I wanted to meet international standards and obtain the IB Diploma. My dream became reality, and I was able to pursue my next dream, which I had begun to work on while still in my last year at Open Gate.

I started taking preparatory courses for studies in medicine in October 2011. My efforts paid off, and I was actually admitted to two medical schools in June, eventually choosing the General Medicine program at the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. Open Gate gave me yet another unique chance – to study the curriculum in English along with the international students. I opted to study in a foreign language because I want to make yet another of my dreams a reality – spend a part of my medical studies at school abroad.

Aside from school, I try to play sports regularly, as I recently got into living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have neglected playing the violin, which is what I did regularly for more than eight years. My other hobbies include reading, spending time with my family, and cooking.

Eva Robert (Musilová)

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