Denisa Nová

* 1996


Open Gate School, graduated in 2016


University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czech Republic, beginning 2016

Favourite subjects

Chemistry, English, and Physical Education


I prefer setting short-term goals that I am sure I want to achieve. At the moment, my primary goal is achieving a university-level education in chemistry. My only goal that I regard as a lifelong one is never to regret anything.

Interests and hobbies

My main interests include physical activities, i.e. all types of sports; however, my heart is in floor-ball, football and track-and-field. I also like to read interesting books such as Jane Austen and Paulo Coelho; when reading, I most frequently listen to piano concerts, which I sometimes try to imitate to some extent by playing piano myself. My last major interest is computer games, which always help me relax effectively.

Student resume

I was born in the Czech city of beer, Plzeň, and studied at Open Gate due to my mother’s passionate enthusiasm and thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation, which sponsored me throughout the seven years I spent there, for which I am infinitely grateful.

My family has encouraged me to do sports since I was a little child, which is also reflected in my extracurricular activities, where sports have always predominated. But sports are not only a hobby for me; they are also a way to unwind and to maintain my mental composure. It’s thanks to sports that I had no problem staying calm in May 2016 when I was taking the school leaving and International Baccalaureate examinations, and I therefore see sports as something very beneficial that is going to help me during my university years and then in my future job.

I regard The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, both the bronze and the silver level, as one of my greatest accomplishments (in addition to the school leaving exams).

I have opted for chemistry as my academic field, because I took to it in the first year of secondary school when I started learning it; and it has never let me down over those years, so I am almost sure that I will not lose interest in it in the future either.

Denisa Nová
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