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Anežka Svobodová

* 1992


Grammar School OPEN GATE, graduated in 2012


University of Exeter, UK, three-year Economics and Politics program
London School of Economics, UK, one-year program Local economic development, started in 2016



Favourite subjects

Economics, English, Visual Arts


Focus on emerging economies and contribute to addressing the problems of the developing world with the help of the non-profit sector

Interests and hobbies

Literature, academic debates, languages, modern architecture, volunteering, tourism, nature preservation.

Student resume

Thanks to the generous support from The Kellner Family Foundation, I was allowed to study at the prestigious Open Gate grammar school in Babice near Prague, from which I graduated successfully, taking both the Czech standard school-leaving exam and the International Baccalaureate. While a student, I pursued many activities within as well as outside of the school, for example at the Forum 2000 non-profit organization in Prague. Having completed an expedition to Romania’s Carpathian Mountains and demonstrated my improvements in sports, skills and volunteering over three years, I won the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

My debate team regularly took the top positions as part of both Czech and English Debate Leagues, representing Open Gate. And it was debating that sparked my interest in economics and political science studies, since it taught me to view social problems from multiple angles. I expect my university studies in the UK to expand my horizons and allow me to work in the field of development economics.

Anežka Svobodová

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