Our graduates| Tereza Kroupová

Tereza Kroupová

* 1993


The Christian Doppler Grammar School in Prague, specialization: mathematics and physics; graduated in 2012


University College London, UK, Atomic and Particle Physics and Molecular and Cell Biology, since 2012



Favourite subjects

Mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry


Complete the Bachelor’s program and continue in a Master’s and then a Doctoral program. Acquire experience in research and then work as a scientist in the Czech Republic or elsewhere.

Interests and hobbies

Dancing, theater, reading, and sport

Student resume

I study physics and biology. While not claiming that these subjects actually overlap, I like them both. In the future, I would prefer to continue in physics, but a basic knowledge of biology makes it possible to apply physics research to biological systems or to find the application of certain physics principles in, say, medicine.

In my professional life I would like to join research into a scientific topic that has a clear-cut application and the research into which may lead to improvements in a certain aspect of peoples’ lives. My thanks go to The Kellner Family Foundation for making it easier for me to attain this goal.

I devote my leisure time to modern dance and theatre (both actively and passively). I enjoy going to exhibitions and concerts, and travel to spend some time in the natural environment, and I love to be with my younger brother.

Tereza Kroupová


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