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Students eligible for grants

Do you want to study at your dream school but have significantly limited finances? Then the Universities project is here for you. The Kellner Family Foundation donates funds for university studies to exceptionally academically gifted young people, whether they study modern sciences, medicine or one of the arts. Graduates of any secondary school may apply.

The selection of grantees is based primarily on academic results and the chosen field of study. Another important criterion is the student's socio-economic situation, i.e. the limited income of their family does not allow them to pay the costs associated with attending a foreign university. 
Extracurricular activities are also important when assessing the application.

The Foundation primarily provides grants to students at foreign universities throughout their bachelor’s degree programmes. Grants to study at Czech universities are only awarded to exceptional students from children’s homes and other heavily disadvantaged socio-economic environments. 

The grant is for one school year, and grantees must reapply each year. If they keep up their excellent academic results and if their financial situation remains the same, the Foundation will continue to support them. Grantees use the grants to cover not just the school fees but also living expenses like rent, books, travel, etc.

Students also often raise funds from multiple sources – from their families, from their own savings and from several scholarship institutions, in particular when they choose a university with high tuition fees. Exclusive support is not required.

The grantees undertake in the grant agreement to apply the experience gained after completing their studies for the benefit of the Czech Republic in return for the funds used to pay for their education. 

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