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How to apply for a grant

Important Dates
  • February 1, 2022 | Opening date for online applications
  • March 31, 2022 | Closing date for the acceptance of applications (filling in the online form and submitting all the required annexes!)
  • May 2022 | Candidates will be notified of the results of the first round 
  • June 2022 | Interviews with short-listed candidates (the second round of the selection of grantees) 
  • By June 30, 2022 | Announcement of the results of the grant award procedure

The new student must apply for a contribution from the Universities Project in writing to The Kellner Family Foundation by March 31 every year. After the deadline, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees selects eligible applicants from the applications received and decides to whom to award grants. 

Filling in the online form

Students must first sign up for the Universities project by completing and submitting an online form - will be available from February 1, 2022.

We need the following documents from the applicant:

  • Letter to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation (why it should support the applicant, information on the field of study and the choice of university, in Czech Language) 
  • Confirmation of current studies at secondary school or university 
  • Copies of foreign language examination certificates 
  • Recommendations / references from a teacher or a person involved in the student’s academic / artistic development 
  • An essay in Czech on the topic “My interests and plans for the future”, max. 1,000 words.
  • Evidence of the family’s financial situation (for example, certificate from the employer of the income of the members of the household, tax returns, social and other benefits from the state, etc.) 
  • Confirmation of volunteer work, secondary school specialist activities or results of national competitions or secondary school competitions (for example, scans of diplomas or other certificates proving your place in the competition, confirmation from the supervisor of a professional internship, confirmation of your volunteer work stating the place and number of hours you dedicated to this activity).
Selection of applicants for the second round

From all the applications received by the end of March, the Board of Trustees selects ten to twenty applicants for the second round, and invites them to give a presentation. It takes place on-site or through a video call. Presentations are given to a panel composed of representatives of the Foundation and the academic community. Students explain their future plans and answer the panel’s questions. Shortly thereafter, they are notified in writing about whether or not they have been selected, and if so, how large a grant they will receive.

Students always obtain a grant from the Foundation for one year of studies. This is how the Foundation seeks to motivate grantees to strive to excel academically. Nevertheless, for students who have not completed their bachelor’s programme, the grant for the following year is only denied if their academic results deteriorate, if they become disinterested in extracurricular activities that benefit society, or if they fail to communicate with the Foundation. However, this situation has only occurred in a very few exceptional cases to date.

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