Studying abroad does not have to be an impossible dream. Thanks to grants from the Foundation, you can meet talented Czech students at Oxford, Yale and many more prestigious universities.

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One hundred and ninety-three. This is how many graduates of grammar schools and other high schools have been enrolled at prestigious universities in the last eight years thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation. To be specific, 53 young people from the Czech Republic are currently studying abroad and in the Czech Republic in the 2020/2021 academic year.

Do you want to know how they rate their life abroad and what difficulties they had to tackle when they first got there? Read their blogs. They have made the choice to share their academic and extracurricular experiences with others. Grantees under the Universities project write about their everyday life on campus and their future plans. You can read how difficult university examinations are and how they spend their spare time and tackle the difficulties of studying abroad. Student blogs can help those who only know that they plan to go to a university and do not yet know which one to choose.

Where our grantees are

London, New York City, the Hague in the Netherlands, and elsewhere all over the globe – that is where young people study who have obtained grants from The Kellner Family Foundation. See where the desire for knowledge has taken Czech students and where it could take you. Read about their experiences on student blogs or find out more about specific universities on their respective websites.

Use a filter to find where our grantees have been and how many of them have studied at a given school. Students are listed in the map by academic year. If you select a year and a university, it will display the names of all Foundation grantees who currently study or have studied at the university.