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Jiří Bartek’s team

Research project | Targeting the Genome Integrity Machinery for Personalized Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Jiří Bartek: Swamping researchers with paperwork doesn’t help anyone

Jiří Bartek heads a laboratory at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, he and his team have discovered and described the natural barriers that prevent normal cells from turning into malignant ones. Their findings have influenced cancer diagnostics and treatment. This is also why Jiří Bartek is considered to be the only potential Czech candidate for the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology. He has amassed some 27,000 citations in the most prestigious medical journals and authored about 400 scientific papers. Besides his work abroad, he also works at his home institution in Olomouc. He examines the principles of tumor and infectious diseases at the recently established Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine. According to him, the outcome could be drugs tailored to specific oncology patients.

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