Whom we help| Jaroslav Truksa’s team

Jaroslav Truksa’s team

Research project | Expression and Regulation of Multi-Drug Resistance Proteins in Tumor-Initiating Cells (TICs)

Jaroslav Truksa: Science is the most beautiful adventure

We visited Jaroslav Truksa at his ‘home site’ at the Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. He and his team currently focus on ABC transporters in cells that initiate tumors. They study their expression and regulation - put simply, their ability to disguise themselves and resist chemotherapy, which causes the relapse of tumors. A better understanding of these mechanisms could bring radical changes in the treatment of neoplastic diseases. But what we discussed with Jaroslav Truksa was more than just research itself. We also asked how difficult it currently is to raise funds for research and how much strength it takes for a researcher to take their discovery all the way to actually helping patients.   

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