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Jan Brábek’s team

Research project | Analysis of the Plasticity of Cancer Cell Invasiveness

Jan Brábek: Still too little courage to experiment

We met Jan Brábek from Charles University’s Faculty of Science in his laboratory. This is where he and his team spend every day examining metastases, which happen with every cancer sooner or later. About eight million people die of various kinds of cancer across the globe every year, and more than ninety percent of the fatalities are attributable to metastases. The invasiveness of cancer cells is the critical step towards metastasizing. This is what Jan Brábek has been researching for a long time. His research to date has earned him the League Against Cancer Award. He believes, however, that in the future, what he has learned will help develop new treatment for cancers. 

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Tým doc. RNDr. Jana Brábka, Ph.D.Tým doc. RNDr. Jana Brábka, Ph.D. 
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