Whom we help

Whom we help

The Kellner Family Foundation announced the first Principal Investigator Award in 2012. Out of 59 applicant teams, four independent reviewers shortlisted the top ten for the second round. The three winning teams were selected from those at the end of 2012. Each of the teams focuses on a different type of research, yet they all focus on cancer cells in one way or another. They are trying to explain how the cells work in the human body, what their properties are and, most importantly, how to get rid of them effectively.

The research teams share one important trait – their goal is to contribute to new treatment methods. One day, thanks to these scientists combating neoplastic diseases will hopefully be less difficult and arduous. Or at the very least, we will be able to slow the progress of cancer cells in patients.

Meet the research teams through interviews we conducted with their leaders.

Jan Brábek’s team
Jaroslav Truksa’s team
Jiří Bartek’s team

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