The Science project

The Science Project

Three research teams, each working in a different lab. Still, they have one important thing in common: combating neoplastic diseases. Their mission is to verify scientific findings that may help find new ways to treat cancer in the future. In their labs, they keep searching for increasingly accurate answers to the questions that patients, concern in their eyes, ask their doctors all over the world.

They work with the latest technologies, and they no longer wear the white coats of their predecessors. But the three prototypes of the twenty-first century researcher have one more thing in common – they and their teams have received financial grants from The Kellner Family Foundation. The Foundation has supported their research with four- to five-year grants. All research teams focusing on tumor biology can apply for the grant. Grants are intended for luminaries acclaimed by international scientific circles, and also for talents who are just starting their careers in research, including fresh graduates in medicine and life sciences who wish to gain experience at prestigious institutions.

Experts applying for the grant have to design an original basic research project with potential for use in medicine or physiology. Projects have to be sent in with the scientist’s CV and a tentative budget. The top ten applicants pass to the second round, where they present their ideas to an expert panel.

Through grants, research groups and individuals receive an opportunity to work without concerns about financial backing. This way, the Foundation helps create a stable and supportive environment for researchers with promising ideas in the Czech Republic. The Foundation also sends a message to the general public: that scientific achievement is of the utmost value to any society.

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