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Other supported projects

The Foundation also provides financial contributions to other institutions and individuals to promote educational, cultural and public health projects.

The Logic Olympiad
THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION and the OPEN GATE eight-year grammar school are the General Partners of the Logic Olympiad for thoughtful children and young people from throughout the Czech Republic. Mensa Czech Republic organizes the Logic Olympiad in an effort to extend the range of activities for youngsters, thus including a competition in which independent reflection and logical thinking ability are the decisive factors.

Prague Student Summit
The Foundation has long been the General Partner of the Model United Nations. This is a part of the Prague Student Summit – an annual educational and social event intended for students of Czech secondary and tertiary schools. The participants simulate the deliberations of the real U.N. and develop their skills in communication and in defending and promoting their interests.

The Zámeček magazine
The Foundation has been contributing to the Duha civic association, which publishes the Zámeček [Little Château] magazine, for several years. Since 1997, Zámeček has been distributed to children in children’s homes and other facilities for surrogate education.

The Foundation has provided a grant to Rozmarýna, a charitable organization that guides young people who lack family backgrounds to independence and personal responsibility.

The Friends of Ledro Society
The Foundation has provided a grant to this touring show of historical photographs and documents on an Italian exodus that was organized by The Friends of Ledro Society in cooperation with Comune di Ledro and The Friends of Italy Society. The touring exhibit drew attention to the shared Czech-Italian historical memory – events from 1915 to 1918. In those years, several thousand women, children, and elderly were expatriated from the Trento area (now Italy) to what today is the Czech Republic. Themselves in an arduous situation, with the men on the front and enduring severe food shortages, Czechs did not hesitate to lend a helping hand to the Italians and put them up in their own homes.

Helping culture
It is no surprise that support for remarkable cultural feats is among THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION’S lines of activity. Such feats include the publication of “Shakespeare a jeviště svět” and “Dílo – William Shakespeare” authored by a luminary in this field, Professor Martin Hilský.

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