Václav Benedikt Loula

* 1998


Professor Jan Patočka Grammar School, 2010–2015

Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2018


The University of Warwick, three-year Philosophy B.A. program, beginning 2018, expected graduation in 2021



Favourite subjects

History, Economics, Literature


My goal at the moment is to complete my university studies, preferably with a doctorate. Then I would like to receive education in finance and to continue my career in marketing or business. My primary concern is to learn a wide array of skills to be able to provide financially for myself and my family. I am convinced that an educated, self-sufficient, and responsible person can benefit their country in many respects. This is what I am trying to achieve despite any obstacles.

Interests and hobbies

Debating, politics, rhetoric, reading, movies, singing

Student resume

I was born in Prague and grew up in a teacher family. From an early age, I have been exposed to music as my father works, among other things, as a music composer. This is why I continue singing, and I have played the piano for several years. The emotional wealth of music has in fact sparked my general interest in society and its functioning.

When I transferred to the Open Gate eight-year grammar school, thanks to the generous support The Kellner Family Foundation, I started to take the International Baccalaureate program. I was able to examine the issues of the society from many aspects thanks to subjects such as Economics, Literature, and the Theory of Knowledge. I used my knowledge primarily in academic debating and essay-writing competitions. Slowly but surely, I began appreciating the need for analytical thinking in everyday life, ranging from professional duties through to personal relationships. Hence my urge to study philosophy, for this discipline will help me address many issues or at least identify the crucial questions that will lead me to the correct solutions.

I chose the University of Warwick primarily for its modern atmosphere and good national ratings. I believe that Warwick, as a relatively new institution, is open to a wide range of opinions, thus offering a greater probability of meaningful dialog. For example, it is one of the few British universities that do not suppress continental philosophy for the benefit of analytical philosophy, trying instead to place these two different views of philosophy in contrast with each other. I hope this approach will teach me positive thinking and humility.

Václav Benedikt Loula
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