25. June 2020 Tomáš Tatran

Third (non-existing) term

In the last blog post, I mentioned that my first academic year will have three terms. However, I couldn´t be further from the truth. Yes, you guessed it, it´s due to COVID-19.

The second term was well underway. The pace got a bit faster and we were slowly starting to freak out about the inevitable final exams. All of this changed in a matter of days, about two weeks before the end of the second term, when the world got stormed by the already mentioned virus. On Wednesday I called my parents to ensure them I was all right, and that I will go home in two weeks, as planned. The next day I was already booking flights to get back home as quickly as possible. Thankfully I arrived in Prague on Monday with no real complications.

We were supposed to have a “free” month in between the terms, so I packed very lightly, expecting to come back for the third term. Sadly, I didn´t take global pandemic into consideration, which is a shame, considering I absolutely love sci-fi and catastrophic books/movies.

In the two weeks of self-isolating, I started to realize that the exams might not happen in the same way they were supposed to happen. A couple weeks later this has been confirmed by the university. The exams got cancelled and were replaced by projects. At first glance, this seems quite nice, but one realizes very quickly it´s not exactly the case. We´re missing out on the exam experience, as in the future the exams will only get harder. It´s also much more tough to motivate yourself to study.

All in all, I think this academic year has been a big big experience and also a lot of fun. Even though everything that happened. Or maybe because of it? I would also like to thank the foundation, since it´s their generous scholarship that made all of this possible.

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