29. November 2019 Tomáš Tatran

(Not) an easy start

It was finally time to say goodbye to everything I know and dive straight into my new life. After emotionally tense time at the airport, I boarded the plane and I knew there were only hours left before I take my life into my own hands. Being a bit nervous, having a lot of questions and tremendous expectations, I arrived at Stansted at about 7 PM on Saturday, and after minor difficulties with my luggage I got on the train heading to Birmingham. Around 11 PM I arrived at the main Birmingham coach station and the fun was about to start.

Thankfully, everything went quite smoothly and I reached my accommodation a bit wet just as the clock was striking midnight. First night wasn´t the easiest, but thanks to the tips I received from fellow exhibitioners, I packed a blanket, which, even though taking quite a bit of space in my luggage, was definitely the most useful thing in the first couple of days. After I woke up it was time to meet my new flatmates and then I headed straight into the nearest shopping center. Since the others came with literally a van full of stuff, whereas I came with just a backpack and two suitcases, I had a lot of stuff to pick up.

Fresher´s week was exactly what you would expect – not getting enough sleep, every meal turns out to be frozen pizza and on top of it running between shops and trying to meet as many new people as possible. And I almost forgot the never-ending search for the right lecture theatre. Every morning we had lectures, basically explaining what is expected from us and how everything works. For example, we found out how many projects, homework and tests will we be doing throughout the semester. And all of it turned out to be more than I expected.

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