15. November 2020 Tomáš Tatran

Beginning of the second year

The second academic year has started in a very weird manner, just as anywhere in Europe nowadays. Confusion left and right, moving to online space – however, compared to Czechia we still had at least some face to face lectures. That´s probably why I decided to go to the UK in the end, even though we had the option to do this term entirely online.

I decided that even though this year is how it is, I´ll try to make the best out of it. I still went to uni, and I started playing tennis, as I desperately needed some exercise. When I couldn´t do something in person, I turned to Zoom. At the beginning of November, the infamous Lockdown was announced with its second edition of the year, so whatever was left of the uni experience basically disappeared overnight.

However, we just finished our first set of assessments, which were 24 hours long and open book, as to cater the needs of students in different time zones, since during March there were numerous unis that just set a time, which turned out to be not so great for people for example from India, who had to do their exams at 3 AM. We have more exams coming, one set before Christmas and the main ones in January. I therefore don´t have time to rest much, but after last year I kinda knew what I was getting myself into.

All in all, I would say the main difficulty this year is psychological – unsurprisingly due to the restrictions and lockdowns. Although probably much needed, the restrictions wrecked the student life and uni experience for many. That applies to almost every country in the world nowadays, so, sadly, the only way is just to somehow manage and go through it – therefore take care and you´ll hear from me in term 2, hopefully under better circumstances.


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