Thea Kratochvílová

* 1999

Secondary school:

OPEN GATE – grammar school and primary school, completed 2019


University of Cambridge, UK, Economics, since 2019


Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Economics


My priority at the moment is to complete the three-year bachelor’s degree programme successfully, and to follow it up with a one-year master’s degree. Besides my main field - economics - I would also like to focus on programming, particularly Data Science, the aim of which is to discover hidden connections in data and then to evaluate and apply these trends in the real world. In the future, I would like to work in an environment where I can combine scientific methods with new technologies to evaluate both micro and macroeconomic problems.

Interests and hobbies

In my free time, I am usually busy with mathematics or reading related to my university studies, both in books and academic weekly publications. I also like to run, swim and practise yoga.

Student resume

Although I come from a small village in northern Moravia, I spent most of my school life at the Open Gate grammar school with the generous support of The Kellner Family Foundation. I finished my eight years at this school by sitting the International Baccalaureate and the Czech school-leaving examination. The core subjects of my final two years of study were mathematics, economics, English, and Spanish.

During my studies I also took part in volunteering. I tutored my classmates regularly since my first year at the grammar school and later on younger students as well. I also got involved in the campaign to have the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Sir Nicolas Winton and in my penultimate year I went to India to help in a humanitarian project under the auspices of the Open Gate grammar school.

Outside of academic work, I was involved in debating, both on a local and a global level, as I was part of the Czech national debating team. I regularly took part with the school team in the prestigious New York essay competition, the IPPF. During my last year I attended six months of lectures on applied economics organised by the CERGE-EI research centre.

Thea Kratochvílová
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