Robert Bihary

* 1998


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2018


CEVRO Institute, Prague, a three-year Law in Business Relationships program, beginning 2018, expected graduation in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree


Favourite subjects

Economics, Spanish, and Physical Education


My goals include the versatile development of my personality. First, I would like to successfully complete my law studies at university. I want to offer support to others, just as I received support when I needed it. I want to show that people with inner motivation and encouragement from the outside can achieve extraordinary goals. Since I desire to grow in all respects, I also want to focus on my hobbies and push my limits in the future.

Interests and hobbies

Physical activity has always been my biggest hobby. I have tried many sports and activities such as soccer, free running, softball, taekwondo, etc., but fitness is my greatest interest in this field. I like living a healthy lifestyle, enjoy being around my friends, and love overcoming my limits. My interests also include travelling. I also want to be able to always retain my composure and I like relaxing, which is why meditation is also my hobby.

Student resume

I was born in Ústí nad Labem. From age five, I grew up in a children’s home in Jablonné v Podještědí. I started studying at the eight-year Open Gate grammar school in 2010, thanks to the financial support from The Kellner Family Foundation. This opportunity changed my life in many respects and greatly influenced my view of the world. I successfully completed my studies at Open Gate with the Czech school-leaving exam and IB certificates in English, Spanish, and Economics. Thanks to Open Gate, I got to know great people, had an opportunity to pursue my interests, and gained many unforgettable experiences. Now I can continue studying and make my dreams come true thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation.

Robert Bihary
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