Revan Rangotis

* 1998

Secondary school: 

English College in Prague, completed 2018


University of Oxford, UK, Biomedical Sciences, since 2018

Current email:

Favourite subjects

Biologie, chemie, psychologie


Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

Interests and hobbies

In terms of potential academic goals, I was inspired on several fronts at the same time at Oxford. For years, I had wanted to become a neuroscientist, but long conversations with older schoolmates and professors led me in the right direction. I plan to continue my research in various laboratories and one day I might even attempt doctoral studies in the same field I am in now.

Student resume

I graduated from the English College in Prague in 2018 with the generous support of Jan Barta, and successfully completed my IB examinations with four Higher Level subjects, including psychology, mathematics and biology. In 2018, I began at the University of Oxford, completing the first year with the equivalent of a ‘red diploma’, and I am planning to leave with the degree of Bachelor of Neuroscience in 2021. Thanks to the detailed but demanding IB programme (in all of its breadth), I learned how to navigate the academic world and thanks to my work experience at the Czech Academy of Sciences I was accepted to Oxford.

Revan Rangotis
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