Oliver Laryea

* 2000

Secondary school: 

Gymnázium Budějovická, Prague 4, completed 2019


University of Manchester, UK, Mechanical Engineering with Management, since 2019



Favourite subjects

Physics, Mathematics, ICT, Economics


To get the most out of my international studies, to launch a few business projects whilst at school, to successfully complete my bachelor’s degree and continue with a master’s degree and doctorate in Biomechanics, to commercialise a few engineering projects, and, in general, to make use of modern technology and innovation to improve living conditions on the planet. Last but not least, to build a fully functional life-size Iron Man suit. :-)

Interests and hobbies

Boxing, football, body-building, video games (in moderation ;-))

Student resume

As the son of a Ghanaian engineer and a Czech project manager, my career options were almost clear cut: either engineer or project manager. It had been decided for me since the age of eight - but then I chose to be a neurosurgeon.

But when I found out a few years later that I was scared of human blood, I had to think carefully about a career in either engineering or management. However, choosing between ‘father’s’ and ‘mother’s’ was very hard, so I did my best to effectively combine both during secondary school.

As well as participating in physics, mathematics and logic Olympiads, I also tried working in a real scientific environment (first at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics at the Czech Academy of Sciences and then at ELI Beamlines), and I spent a few weeks on an internship in CERN, Switzerland, and handed on all my knowledge to younger students in a charitable project called Together in the Library.

Thanks to a number of grants, I had an opportunity to study game theory at Princeton University during the summer of 2017, and a year later I completed a course organised by the European Centre for Career Education. I also had an opportunity to test my entrepreneurial awareness in the prestigious MIT LaunchX competitions, where my team’s project - connecting supermarkets with homeless people to prevent food waste – received an award at the European finals; and LEXI AI Generation, where I represented the Czech Republic with my contract chatbot and became one of seven international winners. Thanks to that, in 2018, I won an award as one of the top 10 high school students in the Czech Republic.

My university degree has been given a clear direction by the ‘proof of concept’ that engineering and business/management fields can be combined and can even be quite close to each other.

Oliver Laryea
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