Jan Truneček

* 1999

Secondary school:

International School of Prague, completed 2018


Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, Aerospace Engineering, since 2019



Favourite subjects

Mathematics, Physics


I decided a long time ago that one day I would like to work or have an internship at NASA. That’s one of the reasons I chose RIT. Their collaboration with NASA allows students to secure an internship and possibly a job.

Interests and hobbies

I like sport, music, technology and history.

Student resume

I was born in Plzeň, where I attended the 21st primary school. Afterwards, I got a scholarship to the International School of Prague in Nebušice. I finished at the ISP with Czech, American and IB qualifications. I am now preparing to travel to the US, where I will study aviation and space flight. I will probably also study mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

Jan Truneček
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