Jakub Červenák

* 2001

The First Czech Grammar School in Karlovy Vary (2012-2020)


Coventry University, UK (starting 2020)


Aerospace Technology



Favourite subjects

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, ITV


My current objective is successfully finishing my bachelor's degree and after that, I'd like to study for a PhD. After my studies, it would be great to find a job in the aerospace industry from where I could work my way up to positions in research and space institutions like SpaceX, NASA or ESA. No matter where I'll end up, I'll always try to spread awareness about science and the necessity to fight for our planet. I'll do whatever it takes to prolong time on The Clock further away from midnight.

Interests and hobbies

I'm interested in all kinds of technology – from watering cans trough steam locomotives all the way to nuclear reactors. I like to learn about principles of technology and think of nature's laws and systems.

Student resume

I was born and raised in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. From my early childhood I was always interest in flashing, glowing, honking, whistling, heating, cooling things – simply said, I was interested in machines. I also showed some interest in numbers and calculus. When I got to grammar school and had my first physics classes, I knew right there and then that one day I'd like my job to be somehow connected to physics.

Troughout my grammar school studies my interest for science and technology was (partially thanks to my awesome teachers) further developed. I participated in science fairs, competitions, took an academy internship, enlightened my classmates and others about the beauties of natural sciences. But until the last year I didn't know where to go for my university studies. A thought about going to study in foreign country was born and since I could speak English quite well and I also had academic prerequisites the search for a foreign university begun.

Shortly after that I found Coventry University which offered bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology. When I found out what this course consists of I didn't hesitate for a moment and applied for it. I was accepted withoud any trouble and also thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation I can fulfil my academic dreams.

Jakub Červenák
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