Hana Tyburcová

* 1999


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2018


University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science in Brno, a six-year Veterinary Medicine program (in English), started in 2018, expected graduation with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2024.



Favourite subjects

Biology, Chemistry, English, Czech


My primary goal is to graduate with a degree in veterinary medicine. I would also like to broaden my horizons in dog breeding. Going forward, I envisage having a dog pack and a happy family. After graduation I want to put my knowledge to use at a veterinary clinic and, primarily, to help as many animals as possible and to get to know them better.

Interests and hobbies

My greatest joy is spending time with animals. I have minded several dogs for the past two years. I also like equestrianism. I am a fan of TV series and I love food, but I also like to delve into new activities. I also enjoy working out in a fitness club and travelling with my friends and family.

Student resume

I was born in Litvínov and attended the local grammar school there. In the ninth grade, I transferred to the Open Gate grammar school, where I studied until passing the Czech school leaving exams and also the International Baccalaureate exams, thanks to support provided by The Kellner Family Foundation. During my last year at the school, I reconsidered my goals and decided to study veterinary medicine. I spent the whole year intensively learning biology, which was not among my subjects, and finally reached the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno to major in Veterinary Medicine. My primary inspiration for this specialization was my love of dogs, horses, and cats.

Hana Tyburcová
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